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Hi everyone. Welcome to my website. Iím so happy that you dropped by.

My name is Joeann, but most people call me Jo.

Perhaps you are here because youíre looking for something to make you feel better, to relieve stress or maybe you are simply curious about yoga.

Whatever the reason, I hope that you find the information at this site useful and enjoyable.

To say that I love yoga is an understatement. Iíve been practicing it since the 1970ís when I started watching a tv program called ďKareenís YogaĒ. It was a morning show hosted by Kareen Zebroff, tvís first yoga-guru, and her style of teaching and her calm and very thorough explanations of every pose got me hooked. Iíve continued to practice yoga on and off since. In 2005, I completed the Sheridan College Certified Teacher of Yoga course and have been teaching since, in my own studio and at clientís homes.

The yoga I teach is gentle and healing. I combine it with various meditation techniques for a total body mind workout. Whatever your level of fitness, weight or health problems, I can design a routine to suit your specific needs.

If you are looking to improve your health and well being, using methods proven to be effective, please contact me to discuss the many benefits of yoga.

You may reach me by these methods:

By phone, at 506-350-1197

Or by email at

If you are interested in Yoga and the many benefits it can provide, please contact me.