Your personal journey begins here, on the path to physical fitness and mental tranquility.   Discard the fad diets and miracle cures, and realize the benefits that Yoga can bring.

Yoga in the West.
The Five Principals of Yoga.
The eight limbs of traditional yoga.
Read about the roots of this ancient system of practices whose aim is physical, mental and spiritual disciplines.
Examine the many styles of Yoga.   Learn about the common origins and aims of the masters.
Learn how to calm the mind through different types of meditation.
Learning to control breathing is very important to both yoga and meditation.
The healing effects of yoga.
A Glossary of Common Terms.

The Path

If anybody asks you what the Path is about,
It's about generosity.
It's about morality.
It's about concentration.
It's about gaining insight through focused self-observation.
It's about the cultivation of subjective states of compassion and love based on insight,
And it's about translating that compassion and love into actions in the real world.

~ Shinzen Young
  Vipassana Meditation Teacher


Joeann - the owner & operator of Mindfulness Living has been practicing yoga for 38 years.   She is a fully trained and accredited instructor, with additional training in health and nutrition.   She is also a practicing Aromatologist, with emphasis on natural health and stress relief.